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A very special Childrens Nursery is coming soon...

Opening in October and overlooking fields on the edge of Halstead, The Oak Rooms Nursery will occupy a country house, giving children the cosy sense of being at home, rather than a formal more “school-like” setting.

Following a unique concept (the brainchild of its Award-winning founder) the lucky few children, aged 3 months to 5 years, who nab one of its mere 60 available places will spend much of their time outside, immersed in and connecting to Nature in it’s almost half acre plot.

We don't just tick developmental boxes, we foster the childrens individual personality types through being in Nature, allowing them the freedom to reach their unique potential.  Our breakthrough concept immerses them in a magical garden of interactive opportunities to sing, dance, play and explore.

Angela Andrea
Award Winning Nursery Founder

Child holding a chicken

in essence....

Laughing Kids

"it allows children to engage with nature, explore their innate creativity and grow their self-esteem in a sensory oasis, whilst offering the opportunity to learn life-skills such as Meditation and the arts"

Angela Andrea
Award Winning Nursery Founder

Hot Air Balloons
Aerial oak rooms.jpg

It is beyond a holistic approach, a word that is thrown around so much these days yet often doesn’t mean much more than a once-a-week trip to the park.


It encompasses everything from the wholesome, nutritious food we serve, to encouraging a child’s natural qualities such as compassion, self-awareness, confidence and ethics.”

Angela Andrea
Award Winning Nursery Founder

Cute Girl Eating Apple

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