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Massage and body treatments are a powerful therapy that when applied with skill and care can help alleviate aches and pains, muscular tension and reduce mental stress as well as leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed.

Swedish Massage


Our Swedish massage is tailored to your specific needs and can be either gentle and soothing creating the ultimate way to relax, or it can be invigorating and focused to alleviate areas of tension and stress. Which ever you decide this treatment will leave you feeling balanced with renewed energy.


Full body  1 hour: £39

Back, Neck & Shoulder  45 mins: £32

Back, Neck & Shoulder  30 mins: £28

NEW! Bamboo Massage


Warm bamboo storks of various lengths and diameters are warmed and carefully used to provide a deep tissue massage that really helps with those aches and pains. If you have aching or tired muscles or just want a good destress then the Bamboo massage may be just what you need as it helps to break down muscular tension and stresses associated with daily life and delivers a wonderful sense of wellbeing. This relaxing treatment is ideal for those that appreciate medium to firm pressure.


Full body  1 hour: £45

Back, Neck & Shoulder  30 mins: £33

Hot Stone Massage


Following a full body brush to stimulate the skin, hot basalt stones are placed on key points to begin warming and relaxing the muscles. More hot stones are used with a blended oil to massage your whole body allowing the deep penetrating warmth to soothe and melt your stresses away.


Full body  1 hour 30 mins: £55

Back, Neck & Shoulder  30 mins: £33

Aromatherapy Massage


Essential oils are widely known to help ease many conditions and ailments in addition to encouraging a sense of wellbeing. A selection of pre-blended oils will be presented for your selection and then used in a wonderfully gentle and deeply relaxing massage.


1 hour: £39

Indian Head Massage


This is a deeply relaxing treatment that originated in India over 1000 years ago and is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. It helps to reduce stress in the shoulders, neck and head. Deep massage is used to loosen knots and release pressure points. Moving up to the scalp, different techniques are used to sooth and relax the head muscles, easing tension and headaches. Finishing with a gentle facial massage. An ideal treatment for those suffering with migraines, tension and stress or if you just want to feel totally relaxed.

30 mins: £30

Heavenly Body Scrub


Invigorate your senses and renew your skin with a wonderful body scrub. Following exfoliation with a deliciously scented scrub to eliminate skin impurities and accelerate the skins natural cell renewal process, a deeply nourishing moisturiser is then applied to restore comfort, beauty and a natural glow to your skin.


1 hour : £40

Hopi Ear Candles


Originally used by the Hopi Indians this treatment is relaxing, soothing and completely painless. It is excellent for anyone who suffers from headaches, migraines, sinusitis, head colds, hayfever, excessive wax and is also said to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and vertigo. This 100% natural alternative to syringing helps to rebalance the ear by drawing out impurities and removing wax blockages.


45 mins: £30

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