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Angel On Board Networking

Owning and running a business can be tough, especially after the last 2 years of lockdowns. If you have survived 'congratulations', if you would like to 'thrive' then it's time for some local business networking......

Chatting Over Coffee

Angel on Board Networking is a little different to your traditional network groups.

Yes, we will get together once a month, yes it is an opportunity to share your business and yes it is an opportunity to meet other local business owners. 

However, we feel networking should be more than that. It should be supportive, help you to grow and give you the opportunity to be part of something much larger.

Our networking is like having your own 'Business Angel' on board and will include a Mini Marketing Masterclass and also Think Tank Time, an opportunity to put forward something you might need support on or maybe an idea for the community etc. We like to help you think outside the box.

So if you would like to be part of this new local business network Chaired by our Director, Angela and hosted by Michaels Property Consultants in Halstead, get in touch!

For more information of to join us, contact us below

First Year Membership Fee  £49

Monthly Meeting Fee       £14

Non-Member Visitors*   £25


Price includes:  Monthly Meeting - first Wednesday of the Month 6 - 8pm

Location: Michaels Property Consultants, Halstead

*This is a single profession representation network, so you would like to visit the profession seat has to be vacant. You can only visit once before you will be required to join the membership.

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