Terms and Conditions

When you book ANY service through this site (from Treatments to Events and Overnight Stays, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as follows:

  • You may cancel a treatment up to 48 hours prior to your appointment time for a full refund, within 48 hours no refund will be due to you

  • For any Spa services your cancellation period is up to 14 days.  You may cancel for a full refund (except Exclusive Spa Days or B&B bookings which are subject to a non refundable £250 deposit), after this time no refunds are available.

  • I am over the age of 18years.

  • I may only consume alcohol if over the age of 18years and proof of age will be provided if requested. I understand if I do not have proof of age I will not be served alcohol. I understand alcohol may be  restricted more than usual due to using the spa facilities.

  • Overnight Stay/Evening Spa does not include any treatments, however these may be booked at 15% discount of published cost if available.

  • Scheduled times for treatments and meals are subject to change without prior notice. Please note that no refund is available for any treatment not cancelled with 48hrs notice.

  • Please be advised that the departure time is when we ask guests to leave the premises, and not a time to leave the pool etc, please ensure you leave sufficient time to change etc for your departure time.

  • Any amendments to bookings will not take effect until we have sent you a revised booking confirmation.

  • The Oak Rooms Ltd reserves the right to charge guests after departure for any items removed or damaged during their visit. This includes bathrobes, towels, ornamental items, glassware etc. All property remains that of The Oak Rooms Ltd except for the spa slippers provided to take home.

  • The person who makes the booking will be accepting the terms and conditions on behalf of all the guests on the booking, and must ensure that all members of the party are aware of and accept these terms and conditions. We will require all attendees to sign terms and conditions of use of the facilities prior to arrival.

  • In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your day or restrict use of facilities prior to your arrival, or upon arrival, due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather,  equipment or power failure then we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. You have the option to re-book. We shall not be held liable for any other losses.

  • Only guests listed on the booking form will be permitted access.

  • Should the spa experience be cancelled by The Oak Rooms a re-booking date will be offered.

  • The Oak Rooms is not liable for any loss, or reduction of usage due to weather or any other ‘event’ or action. Please note the jacuzzi and sauna are located outside of the indoor pool room, the jacuzzi is covered by a gazebo and both can generally be used in most weather apart from lightening/storms and winds.

  • What to wear and bring with you - We recommend wearing very light and casual clothing as robes are provided for hire (for free) for your day. We provide Temple Spa shower products for you to use, slippers and towels are also provided. Just bring suitable swim wear and slip on shoes may be beneficial as the treatment rooms, shower room and pool house are in separate buildings. We also recommend that valuables are not brought with you as we wouldn’t want you to lose anything, and The Oak Rooms Spa Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss. If you would like to listen to your own music – we use a Sonos based system in the pool house and a Bose Bluetooth speaker in the bedroom.

  • Exclusive Bookings – please note that exclusivity applies to the Spa Zone only. Other clients may be accessing the beauty/therapy rooms and the class room until 8.30pm.

  • Special requests - If you have any special requests or dietary requirements please tell us when you make your booking. We will try our best to accommodate your requests, but cannot guarantee that we can do so. If we are unable to fulfil your requests we shall communicate this by email to the lead booker. 

  • Accessibility - The Oak Rooms Spa has disabled access to the treatment rooms, and to the pool complex. However, there are no facilities within the pool complex to assist with access to the pool, hot tub or sauna. If you need more information then please call and we will be happy to discuss the suitability of our facilities with you. There is no disabled access to the B&B room.

  • Covid-19 – H&S requirements may be in place for the welfare of both you as guests and our employees. Please wash hands/use antibacterial gel on arrival and if asked to wear a face mask please do so. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of illness – you may be refused access without a refund. If you develop symptoms during your stay we ask you notify a member of staff immediately.

Your Overnight Stay

  • You may access the Spa Bedroom from 3pm. It has its own entrance and key so that your belongings may be locked inside if you wish to take a stroll around the charming Halstead Town or go for a walk across the fields to Greenstead Green (includes a tea room) or to the lake a short walk across the field opposite– we have some delightful tea rooms and independent shops. Please note there is no access at this time to the Spaz Zone which includes the gardens. Please note – our class room is located in the same building so do not lock the bottom main entrance door before 9pm.

  • Access to the Spa Zone is from 6pm – 10pm. We will serve your chosen food in the TV Room at approximately 6pm. T&Cs for spa use are below also. There is no access to the Spa Zone (apart from the shower) outside of these hours.

  • Shower facilities are in the pool house. We do not have an en-suite bathroom, however there is a toilet immediately outside of the bedroom and the pool house shower is available for your use from 6pm until 9.00am the following morning. Please DO NOT use the shower after 9am as we need to allow time for cleaning procedures.

  • Breakfast if booked is served at 8.30am outside of your bedroom. We will access the main door in the morning so that we can serve your breakfast for you without disturbing you – if you lock the door please DO NOT leave the key in.

  • Check out is at 9.30am and we very much hope that you have enjoyed your stay and will complete the feedback form. Please be aware that we may have Spa Day guests checking in at 9.45-10am – we have timed these to minimise cross-contact between guests. Should you wish to check out a different time we politely ask that you avoid this window.

  • Cancellation – you can cancel your booking or rearrange your booking (once) up to 21 days prior to your booking date. There are no refunds to your booking after this time – this includes bookings made within the 21 day period prior to the booking date.  If you cancel outside of the 21 day period, you will be refunded LESS a non refundable £250 booking deposit


Important conditions of spa use – you and your party will be asked to leave if not adhered to:

  • Persons who appear to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or are unwell may be refused treatments, admission or asked to leave. Please note, we may ask to take your temperature upon arrival and ask that you adhere strictly to the next point to prevent the spread of infections etc:

    • I will not attend the spa if I am showing any signs of any current or recent (within 7 days) illness including respiratory problems, infections (including cold, cough or sore throat), tummy upsets and rashes/skin condition or have a Covid-19 diagnosis/positive Covid-19 Anti-body test within 21 days prior to arrival.


  • I understand the pool and pool area are unsupervised and there is no lifeguard.

  • The pool side flooring is anti-slip NOT non-slip. I will take extreme care at all times and I use the facilities entirely at my own risk.

  • No responsibility will be held for any loss or damage to customers cars, valuables or any property.

  • I am responsible and liable for any damage caused – this will be chargeable after checkout inspection.

  • I will not bring food or drink and this includes alcohol on to the premises.

  • I will not operate the sauna controls or jacuzzi cover – I will request assistance from a member of staff.

  • I will treat all members of staff and other guests with politeness and respect at all times, staff are there to assist but are not personal butlers.

  • Smoking/Vaping is allowed only in the designated outside smoking zone (Smoking/Vaping is NOT allowed in any other outside areas or in/around facilities).If you smoke/vape indoors, in the pool, sauna or jacuzzi you will be asked to leave.

  • No eating in the pool area, hot tub or sauna.

  • No glass, whether bottle, jar or drinking glass may be taken into the swimming pool area, sauna or hot tub.


Pool rules

  • All users MUST shower all creams, lotions and oils off before entering the pool and jacuzzi.

  • No running, jumping, bombing, excessive splashing, fighting, pushing, throwing bathers.

  • No diving.

  • No loose jewellery should be worn.

  • No outdoor footwear is permitted on the poolside at any time.

  • Use of inflatables (if they are available) is at my own risk and purely for calm / relaxing use. No standing or jumping onto inflatables.

  • No person may swim in the pool alone - another adult must be present in the pool/poolside.

  • If a swimmer has a verruca, he or she must wear a verruca sock or bazooka gel.

  • Weak swimmers and non-swimmers must stay in the shallow end. I am aware that the pool has varying depth markers.


Hot Tub & Sauna Safety Rules

  • All users MUST shower all creams, lotions and oils off before entering the hot tub.

  • Please ensure long hair is tied back before entering the hot tub.

  • Do not get the hot tub water in your mouth, it may cause illness.

  • Pregnant women should not enter the hot tub or sauna without first consulting with their doctor as the elevated temperature may be harmful to them or their baby. We are not liable if a pregnant person decides to use the hot tub or sauna.

  • Persons with heart conditions, high or low blood pressure, diabetes or any other serious illness should not enter the hot tub or sauna without first consulting with their doctor. We are not liable if a person decides to use the hot tub or sauna.

  • Persons with infections or open wounds MUST NOT enter the hot tub to prevent cross infection. Please refer to the point in pink above.

  • Please be aware that hot water amplifies the effect of alcohol. Ensure you drink plenty of non alcoholic fluids when using both the hot tub and Sauna. Water is provided in the TV room. We will not serve you more than 4.5 units of alcohol per person.

  • Do not use the heat facilities alone, or for too long.  The elevated temperatures can raise the body heat to hazardous levels.  We recommend that you do not use either the hot tub or sauna for more than 15 minutes per session, and you allow your body to cool between sessions.

  • Enter and exit the hot tub and sauna slowly, and remember the surrounding area could be slippery, and elevated temperatures can make you feel dizzy.

  • Please turn jets off when you have finished in the hot tub.

  • All jewellery must be removed prior to entering the Sauna as it may become hot.

  • Please ensure you are sitting or lying on a towel when in the Sauna.

  • If at any time you feel discomfort, dizzy or unwell, leave the sauna or hot tub immediately and notify another member of your party and a member of staff.



Safety information

  • First aid - A first aid box is available in the TV Room – signposted on our worksurface. An emergency mobile phone number is available in the TV Room to call for our help. For emergency services call 999.

  • Emergency equipment - On the poolside there is a Reach pole, Fire Alarm call point and emergency float ring.

  • Lighting failure - Emergency lighting is installed and will illuminate the pool and exit areas. Clear the pool immediately and inform reception.

  • Fire Alarm – There are 3 “break glass” units located around the pool complex. In the event of a fire alert the other guests / press the fire alarm and exit to the front drive. Do not collect or return for belongings.